"If beagles were musical instruments, they'd be banjos." Alan Talbott
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bob & Brew @ Portland Show - Rally Trial

This last weekend, Bob and Brew competed in Rally Novice down in Portland. They both got qualifying scores. I think the judge was very generous.

Bob had his nose to the ground the whole way. He got a 90 and his first leg in Rally Novice. Lots of work to do with this one. Treats would make it so much easier!

Brew got a 93, but I think he looked better at the Puyallup show. This was his third leg so he now has a Rally Novice title which means we move into the Advanced group where it is off leash (OH NO!) We better get to practicing especially on the paying attention to me part!

Bob (R64) and Brew's (R61) group scores

Bob's score .................................................................Brew's score

Monday, July 26, 2010

Abba, we will miss you!

Sadly, Abba passed onto the Rainbow Bridge last Saturday night. We are grateful for the joy she gave us in her short life. Abba came to stay with us in Nov 2005 while David and Lesley were vacationing. We fell in love with her and she came to live with us permanently. We had great times with Abba: dog shows, training, raising her two litters of puppies, long walks and watching all the beagles play together.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hikes with dogs

A couple of hikes with dogs!
John Wayne Trail June 2010

Twin Falls March 2010

Bob's 1st hike. He did quite well lots of dogs and kids but he trotted right along following Jo with the treats.

Here is a video of Bob and Jo at Twin Falls. Look at the great attention he has on Jo of course she has treats and he is a beagle, need I say more. click on the movie icon.
From Twin Falls

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In Memory of Glady

Sadly, Team Beagle lost a friend last week. Glady came into our lives in 2006. She stayed with us for a month and stole our hearts. We were so excited when our friends Libby and Herbie adopted her because we knew that we would get to see her often. With Libby and Herbie she got to experience the good life. Libby and Glady would go on long walks and Libby often took Glady to work with her. With Herbie, Glady enjoyed every evening on the couch with him until it was bedtime. She had a wonderful personality, friendly to all. She will be sorely missed. Glady is playing with Browny at the Rainbow Bridge.