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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mick's Tricks and other fun videos

Mick and his tricks (dbl click on pictures to watch videos)

Mick playing fetch unless Bob gets it first
From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Mick and Bob wrestlling

From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Mick performing some of his tricks outside
From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zoey Puppies visit - K2 & Mick (Mac)

Today, we met with Lesley and David to see a couple of Zoey's puppies.  They are still so cute.  K2 is Lesley's next show potential and Mick (formerly Mac) is looking for his forever home.  Mick is staying with Team Beagle for a couple of weeks for some tricks training - he already knows sit, working on spin, twirl, rollover and beg.  Mick loves to play fetch and he even brings it back to you - pretty smart puppy!

Here's Mick (Starbuck Torbay McKinley)

Here's K2 (Starbuck Torbay Blue Chip Stock)

If you are interested in making Mick a new member of your family, please contact Lesley Hiltz at lhiltz@earthlink.net

Here is a video of Mick practicing his new trick "Down"

From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Tulip named Abba

Last fall, I found tulips that were named Abba.  So of course, I got some and planted them.  They are a beautiful red tulip - this one bloomed the other day and with the sunshine today looked great.