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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brew at Enumclaw 08.21.11

Off to another show to see if we could improve our Rally Advanced scores.  While we could move up to Rally Excellent and pursue our next title, I decided we should have a few more rounds of practice at the Advanced level.  And today, we did do much better with a score of 94.  The course was fun and included a lot of different elements.  The ring stewards at the show to my surprise were my instructors and training partners so the pressure was on.  I'm sure in Rally class tomorrow, Debbie will be pointing out all my flaws.  LOL  Helen gave me a great complement and said that Brew's attention on me was wonderful.  And after watching the video, I was very proud of Brew's attention.

Brew at Portland - Beagle Specialty and Team Rally

Back in July, Brew and I competed at the Beagle Specialty in Portland. At the Beagle Specialty, we entered in Novice Obedience and got a score of 176/200. Not our best performance but we were the only beagle entered in Obedience so we got 1st. LOL.

In the afternoon, we competed in Rally Advanced. In Rally, we were joined by other beagle competitors, although they weren't in our class at least we had beagle company. We got an 88/100 and our 3rd and final leg towards his Rally Advanced certificate. (So we added some more letters after his name - RA).

On Saturday, our Rally score was 78/100. Brew was just a little distracted - ok he was a lot distracted - he kept looking outside the ring (for you know who...JO!)

On Saturday, we also competed in a new event for us - Team Rally. So our team consisted of a Newfoundland, Papillon, schnauzer, and a beagle. We competed against four other teams. So each team member goes thru the course separately but one right after the other. Our team got 3rd place so not too bad.

On Sunday, we tried again and at least improved our score to an 89. We made Jo go away long before we went into the ring. (Jo would just say that the beagles like her better - sure because she gives them all the good treats and lets them sleep in bed with her.)

To see Brew and me in action:
Portland Videos

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brew Howls for Me

Brew was very upset one day when I took Bob to school instead of him. Kevin was walking the beagles and I met him along the road. As I loaded Bob up and drove away, I could see Brew turning to look back where I had gone. When Brew got home, he began to howl and pace.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sophie Puppies 3 weeks

About 3 weeks ago, I watched Sophie's puppies for Lesley.  Finally made it through all the pixs that I took.  As usual I took about 1,000 pixs, but I was able to edit it down to 161.

Video of pups playing, click to watch
From Sophie Puppies 3 weeks

To see more pictures go to Starbuck Torbay

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2nd Day at Puyallup - WE DID IT!

Today, we were successful and got I believe our 3rd leg in Novice Obedience so we will soon be able to add a few more letters after Brew's name - CD which means Companion Dog or something like that. Again, there were lots of handler and dog errors but we managed to get a score of 179 1/2 which means we passed. Thanks to Jo, Sindi and Darin for coming out to support us. And thanks to Kevin for supporting us yesterday.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brew at Puyallup Show Jun 2011

Brew and I tried to get our third leg in Novice Obedience at the Puyallup show today but it was not to be.  Everything was going great until just before the heel free (off leash) exercise - a couple of beagles walked in the door and that caught Brew's attention.  Needless to say, he kept looking outside the ring for the beagles instead of focusing on me so we NQ.  Will try again tomorrow.  On a good note, at least he didn't run out of the ring on the recall but it may have been because the recall was away from the gate.  His sit and down stay were good as well so just got to work more on off leash with distractions.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mick's Tricks and other fun videos

Mick and his tricks (dbl click on pictures to watch videos)

Mick playing fetch unless Bob gets it first
From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Mick and Bob wrestlling

From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Mick performing some of his tricks outside
From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zoey Puppies visit - K2 & Mick (Mac)

Today, we met with Lesley and David to see a couple of Zoey's puppies.  They are still so cute.  K2 is Lesley's next show potential and Mick (formerly Mac) is looking for his forever home.  Mick is staying with Team Beagle for a couple of weeks for some tricks training - he already knows sit, working on spin, twirl, rollover and beg.  Mick loves to play fetch and he even brings it back to you - pretty smart puppy!

Here's Mick (Starbuck Torbay McKinley)

Here's K2 (Starbuck Torbay Blue Chip Stock)

If you are interested in making Mick a new member of your family, please contact Lesley Hiltz at lhiltz@earthlink.net

Here is a video of Mick practicing his new trick "Down"

From Starbuck Torbay McKinley - Mick - Mac

Tulip named Abba

Last fall, I found tulips that were named Abba.  So of course, I got some and planted them.  They are a beautiful red tulip - this one bloomed the other day and with the sunshine today looked great.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final 2010 Performance Standings for Beagles

So the final 2010 nation-wide beagle performance results are in and Brew placed 4th with 86 points.  Not bad since we didn't even attend that many shows.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mac & Zac Visit

Abba's puppies Mac and Zac came for a visit today. First off was a walk and then back to the house for some play time. All had a great time even the humans. It always amazing me how much I can see Abba in all of her puppies - in their looks and in the way they move.

You can see videos at this link

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beagles have fun in the snow

Yesterday, Kevin and I took the beagles for a walk in the snow.

No comments about my running, I was trying to keep the ropes untangled and not trip over them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Puppies

Happy 2nd Birthday to  
Marbles, Abby, Mac, Jack, 
Clover, Loki, Zac, Jazzy, & Bogey

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brew gets a Beginner Novice Title

Back in January, Brew and I competed at the Portland show. We entered the Beginner Novice trial on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, Brew got his final leg. While he looked good for most of the run, we did have a little mix up while doing the "FAST" exercise. Brew was thinking "now its time to run and get out of here." We finally got back in control and finished with no more mishaps. Finishing with a score of 189.5 out of 200 and 2nd place.

On Friday, Brew was looking good until missing a sit on the figure eight and the dreaded Recall.  Of course, the recall was towards the gate and true to form Brew tried to run out.  Although, he did come back when I called him, so I guess we are making progress.  But it did result in an NQ.  Check out the score until the recall we had only lost 4 points.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zoey's Puppies

Back in January, Kevin and I stayed at Lesley's taking care of Zoey's puppies. Here are some pictures that I took. Enjoy!

A couple of the puppies are still available, if interested contact, Lesley Hiltz at
Starbuck Torbay

Friday, January 28, 2011

Goodbye Lily

Our friends, David and Lesley's whippet Lily passed on this week.  She had a great life - she was almost 15 years old.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starbuck Torbay Morning Star "Echo" and Eric at Portland show

Our friends entered their first obedience competition this week in Portland.  They got a score of 90 out of 100 in Rally Novice.  They were both amazing and amazed at how well they had done.  Just goes to prove that with a little hard work and dedication a beagle can be a GREAT obedience dog.

The Proud Family
The Proud Dad

Echo - R107, his placement in the group
The official score