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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brew gets a Beginner Novice Title

Back in January, Brew and I competed at the Portland show. We entered the Beginner Novice trial on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, Brew got his final leg. While he looked good for most of the run, we did have a little mix up while doing the "FAST" exercise. Brew was thinking "now its time to run and get out of here." We finally got back in control and finished with no more mishaps. Finishing with a score of 189.5 out of 200 and 2nd place.

On Friday, Brew was looking good until missing a sit on the figure eight and the dreaded Recall.  Of course, the recall was towards the gate and true to form Brew tried to run out.  Although, he did come back when I called him, so I guess we are making progress.  But it did result in an NQ.  Check out the score until the recall we had only lost 4 points.

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