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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zoey's Puppies

Back in January, Kevin and I stayed at Lesley's taking care of Zoey's puppies. Here are some pictures that I took. Enjoy!

A couple of the puppies are still available, if interested contact, Lesley Hiltz at
Starbuck Torbay


liz said...

The pups are adorable~ I have a five year old male beagle who has become so lazy. He sleeps 18-20 hours each day and only wakes to eat, drink and relieve himself. He is funny, charming but quite a fixture in our house. We were thinking that if we purchased a second beagle for company it might inspire him to move a bit .... or is this just the nature of these hounds as they get older? Would welcome your advise.


Many thanks.

Janet said...

Actually, that doesn't sound normal for a beagle. They are a very active breed. I would recommend taking him to a vet to get it check out.