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Monday, August 30, 2010

Brew at his 1st Outdoor Obed Competition

All I can say is BREW IS AWESOME! He did great for his 1st outdoor show. We entered two events Beginner Obedience Novice and Rally Novice.

Brew at Marymoor Beginner Obedience Novice B
The Beginner Obed Novice is a new optional titling class. There are only a couple of parts that are off leash - the sit stay (well the leash is still on him but no one is holding it) and the recall and there are no other dogs in the ring. Our score was 192.5 out of 200 and we got 2nd place. 1st thru 4th place was very close (Scores were 1st-194, 2nd-192.5, 3rd-192, 4th-192). We lost 4 points in the heel on leash exercise and 3.5 points on the figure eight exercise which I'm assuming was either because of Brew lagging or a tight leash due to the lagging. But he did great on the sit for exam and the sit stay exercises which were the two I was most concerned about especially at an outdoor event.

Brew at Marymoor in Rally Novice B
The course was more challenge than past AKC courses but was very cramped. I'm not sure the spiral left or serpentine weave cones were the appropriate distance apart but luckily I have a smaller dog.

So the judge dinged us twice for incorrectly performing a station (10 point deduction x 2). On sign 1, apparently I didn't pause long enough after circling my dog (give me a break, I completed 99.9% of the sign correctly) and the second one was on the the last sign which was a Slow (truth be told I actually didn't see this sign - it was placed out of the way) which I didn't go slow on. So if the handler (me) hadn't made so many errors, we would have gotten a 100 (well I can always dream). Our final score was an 80 out of 100.

Here is the Rally course:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hooray for Team Beagle- A 1st Place & New Title

Another day at the dog show but it was a great one. Brew got a 98 and 1st place just beating the 2nd place dog (a rottie) by 1/4 second. And Bob got his third leg with an 88 and now he has his Rally Novice title.

Here is Brew's run (We are so proud of him). May have to move him up to Advanced.

And I think Bob will be staying in Novice for a little while longer or at least until he gets his nose off the ground. Additionally, Jo may have to leave the room as you can tell he is looking for her throughout the course.

Here was the course:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brew & Bob Enumclaw Rally Novice runs on Aug 21

Brew's run. He got a 96 and fourth place. Even though Brew has his title, I decided to show him in the novice class until I feel comfortable that he can do this off leash.

Bob's run. He got a 95 and his 2nd leg towards his Rally Novice Title

Here is the Rally Course for Aug 21

Monday, August 2, 2010

UKC - MVDT Rally Competition (Bob & Brew)

Bob (1009) and Brew (1053)
competed in a UKC Rally competition. First off, the UKC courses are much more difficult than the AKC courses at least the ones I've competed in. This was good as I felt challenged. Saturday's performance was not so good - Bob got a 77 (his nose on the ground and all over the place) and Brew NQ'd because of handler error (that's because of me). On Sunday, they both did much much better - Bob got a 94 and Brew got a 96. They both watched me throughout the course with only an occasional sniff here and there.

So Bob has 2 legs and Brew has 1 leg towards their UKC RO1 title.

This is the course

Brew's Run

Bob's Run