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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Brew goes High In Trial at Beagle Nationals & Bob gets lots of ribbons

We are so proud of the Brewhound!
Bobdog loves all his ribbons!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Team Beagle has a Great Day at Beagle Nationals

Beginning Obedience Scores
Novice Obedience Scores

Brew and I had a really good day as we got High in Trial!  Yes, hard to believe but we did!  We competed in the Novice Obedience and got a score of 182.5 which turned out to be the highest score.

Brew Novice Obedience B

Brew and I also competed in Beginning Obedience but NQ'd on the recall - still trying to run out of the ring. Luckily for us in the Novice Obedience the recall was away from the exit otherwise it might have been the same outcome.
Brew Beginning Obedience

Rally judging wkst for Brew
Rally Advanced Cours
Brew and I also got 1st in Rally Advanced, however we were the only ones to compete in that group.  Our run was not that great but we still qualified.

Brew Rally Advanced

Bob and Jo also competed in three events - Novice Obedience - he did wonderful (I mean outstanding) on all the exercises but NQ when he got up from the sit stay
Bob Novice Obedience B 

On Beginning Novice, also NQd due to the recall.  He ran top speed right out of the ring and over to where we had the crates.  Everyone at the show had a good laugh.
Bob Beginning Obedience

Rally Novice Course
Rally judging wkst for Bob
 Then Bob and Jo competed in Rally Novice and they got 1st with a score of 98 out of 100.  It was an awesome run.

Bob Rally Novice

Go Team Beagle!

Monday, October 4, 2010

CWBC Obedience and Rally at Nationals

Judge's Score sheet for Novice
Brew (#339) and Bob (#337) competed in three obedience and rally events today.  In Novice Obedience, Bob sniffed his way through the course and then on the recall he ran toward the gate only to be stopped by the stewards.  In which Bob's reply was bahrooooo!  He made it through the sit stay but not the down stay.  He started whinning and the eventually got up and ran to Jo.  So Bob NQ'd.  Brew did awesome in his Novice Obedience until the recall in which he decided to run toward the gate instead of me.  So we NQ'd too.  Brew did great on the sit stay and down stay and didn't move even when Bob got up to run to Jo.

 Bob Novice Obedience

 Brew Novice Obedience

Judge's score sheet for Beg Obed
Next event, Beginning Obedience - Bob qualified and 2nd with a score of 191.  Brew however NQ'd because of the recall again.  However it might have been my fault this time.  It looked like he was going to make a break for it again so I called him again and then moved but at least that resulted in him coming to me.  Don't want to make a habit of this running toward the gate.

Third Event - Rally Advance for Brew and Rally Novice for Bob.  Brew got a 1st (ok so there were only two of us in the class).  This was our first time in advance which is off leash with a jump, some harder and more signs.  I did lose his attention several times but I guess he did better than the other beagle.  Bob got 4th in his group.  Actually, Jo and Bob did awesome.  Bob kept his attention on Jo the whole time but they lost 1 point for something and 10 points for incomplete of sign.  We are not sure what happened since the camera card ran out of memory near the end of their run.  The only thing we can think of is that either Bob didn't down all the way or Jo didn't stop - the sign was a Stop and Down.
Brew Rally Advanced B

Rally Advanced Course

Judge's worksheet for Brew
Bob Rally Novice B

Rally Novice Course
Judge's worksheet for Bob
Overall not to bad for beagles