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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Puppies are Here! UPDATE

Abba was an overachiever today, she had NINE puppies. Starting around 1:30am or maybe earlier and finishing around 11:15am.
1 red boy-9oz
1 red girl-8.75oz
4 tri boys-all 8.75oz
1 tri girl-6.5oz
2 tri boys-all 8.75oz
All the family is doing well.

Here is
the whole family. Yep, I count nine! The reds are like bookends.


Traci said...

ooooohhhh Abba.......... Impressive! I told Kev, you should be called Fertile Myrtle!

Anonymous said...

Wow Abba! She's gotta feel better now!!! 9 puppies.... where did she stuff them all????? RAWBUN