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Friday, April 3, 2009

And the theme is Australia!

Congratulations to Andrea who again guessed correctly. She also guessed that Abba would have more than 8 puppies.

While searching for names, I came across this site
and then Lesley added a couple more Australian suggestions and there you have it.

Roo: kangaroo
Snag: sausages
Maccas(pron. "mackers"): McDonald's (the hamburger place)
Aussie(pron. Ozzie): Australian
Mel: Mel Gibson an Australian
Surfer: where Lesley's parents live
Zac: sixpence (5 cents) - "it isn't worth a zack", "he hasn't got a zack"
Claire: Lesley's mom, an Aussie, whose b-day also happens to be 3/30
Matilda: swagman's bedding, sleeping roll

All the puppies are gaining weight and doing fine along with Abba. So Abba should be with us next week sometime and then I can start taking thousands of pixs of them. FYI, with Abba's last litter of only 3 puppies, I took over 2000 pixs - don't you just love digital.

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