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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brew's Camping Trip Around the Olympic Peninsula

Last week, Kevin and Steve rode around the Olympic Peninsula. I was to follow in the Sienna van with all of their gear. At the last minute, I decided that Brew should come along so I switched vehicles and reloaded all the gear and Brew into the Get Away Van. Brew had a grand time - lots of new smells and things to see as well as bark at. Here are pixs of Brew on the trip


Tonya LeAnn said...

Life is not complete without a hound. Looks like Brew enjoyed his camping trip...hopefully you did as well.

Hope to see you soon for a beagley play day.

Janet said...

We did enjoy it. Brew of course barked at everything but he had a good time.

Lesley H said...

The pictures are great - the "Bran Buds on sale" signifigance, is lost on most people..they are for Brew!!