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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brew really likes the Bike Tow Leash, Abba & Bob are not sure yet

Brew at full speed. He loves to run.

Bob was ok until turning at which point he pull backwards and got out of the harness. So now to find a harness that won't slip off.

Here's Abba learning how to walk along side the bike. She doesn't like turning either.


Anonymous said...

I'd go with something like the Ruff Wear Webmaster harness that has an extra belly strap to keep them from backing out. This harness has excellent soft padding on the straps as well. Also, keep an eye on those paws if your pups aren't used to running on pavement. There are some good paw pad conditioners like Musher's Secret that help a lot. Love watching the videos

Janet said...

Thanks, I will check out the harness and watch the paws.

Its ME said...

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