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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gig Harbor/Shelton Weekend Show

Bob's Rally Score
Rally Novice Course-Saturday
Next time I will read the fine print - for some reason I got the impression that this was an indoor show - well it was for some of the conformation events but not for obedience and rally.  Needless to say I got the "stink eye" from Jo.  Saturday was a gorgeous day with the temp around 77.  The rings for obedience/rally were located in the back of the fairgrounds, next to the sky jumpers take off and landing and the motorcycle park.  Luckily, these did not prove to be too much of a distraction for the beagles.
Jo went into the Rally ring 1st and other than lots of sniffing by Bob they got a qualifying score for Rally Novice (96) and 2nd place. Not bad for a beagle outdoors!
Bob Rally Novice
Brew and I were next and while he was doing lots of sniffing as well I thought we had a good run until when the judge called everyone back into the ring and he didn't call my number.  Right there, I knew that I must have missed a sign and thus NQd.  Sure enough, I had blown right past the sit/down walk around sign that was located right after the figure 8 weave.  This is no excuse but the sign was located off to the right and not directly in the path so when I came out of the weave all I saw was the sign at the end of the ring (a left turn).  In the future, I guess I will have to start counting the sign numbers to make sure this doesn't happen again.
Brew Rally Novice

Both beagles already have their Rally Novice title but practice makes perfect!
The beagles were also entered in Obedience Novice B for the first time.  Yes, we were going to attempt off-leash activities with a beagle outdoors (I can hear all you beagle owners saying "Have you lost your mind!").  Bob's turn in the ring did not go so well and after an attempt at the stand for exam when he decided to sniff his way out of the ring, the judge very kindly asked Jo if she wanted to be excused which Jo very promptly replied YES!  We have to laugh because the score sheet says "not under control - NQd". 
Bob Novice Obedience Part 1 Click on picture to watch video
From AKC Shelton Sep 25-26, 2010
Bob Novice Obedience Part2 - Click on picture to watch video
From AKC Shelton Sep 25-26, 2010
Here is the big surprise, Brew qualified (182.5) and got 3rd place (so what if there were only 3 dogs that qualified- I got the ribbon that says 3rd LOL!)  While Brew was not perfect, I think he did pretty well for a beagle outdoors.  In fact, I think his off leash work is better than on leash work.  For the sit and downs, he was between two large dogs but he stayed right there with only an occasional sniff here and there and a look around.  Will post video later.

Rally Novice Course-Sunday
Sunday turned out to be very wet and the rings were soaked.  The Rally course was redesigned to avoid the lake in the middle of the ring.  Both beagles qualified -Brew got 89 and Bob 87.  So again, we qualified but no placement ribbons.  The score sheet had lots of marks off for slow to respond (str) and poor sits.  I ended up redoing the 1,2,3 sign because I couldn't remember if I had done the 2nd step correctly and then the judge marked me for another redo on a 270 left because Brew ran out in front of me past the sign so I had to call him back.  I guess the judge took that as a redo.

Bob Rally Novice Sunday

Brew Rally Novice Sunday

Bob and Jo then entered the Obedience Novice ring.  While they still NQ'd they at least made it through all the exercises except they were excused from sit/down stays.  On the recall, Bob decided running outside of the ring would be more fun.  Brew and I also NQ'd - on the heel free when the judged yelled Fast, Brew decided it was time to run past me and out of the ring.  The judge was nice and let us do the recall anyway.  So I sat Brew down, left him, walked to the end of the ring, called him - Brew took off running toward me but about halfway through decided that whatever was near the gate was more interesting so off he went out the ring (well the stewards were ready this time and caught him).  Both beagles were very interested in the stewards area since they both ran that way or maybe it was the gate to freedom that attracted them.
Brew Novice Obedience Part 1- heeling, figure eight, heel free exercises

Brew Novice Obedience Part 2- recall exercise

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